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October 04, 2007


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CW Bush

Has anyone living near 1100 Wright St been contacted? This is in the section bounded by West Division, Davis Drive, Randol Mill Rd and Cooper St. I live out of town and need details as I own a home there.

Tanya Harris

******Ric Overley******

We own property in the area off Park Row & Sherry and are also interested in forming a group to negotiate higher bonuses/royalty percentages. Please contact me:

E. Pruitt

Our family has inherited a home near north end of Little Rd. and S. Arkansas Lane. We have not been contacted by any leasing company. Has anyone in that area been contacted ? Would appreciate a call at 817-472-7727. Thanks.

Vern Sanders

I can't believe that I was so foolish to just sign for $700 bonus. Now that are offering $1000. I did'nt know that negotiation would be taking place. I quess there isn't anything I can do now.

Barbara Lemley

Has the association retained any legal help that I can talk with? Im not sure what to do. Is it true that your home is un sellable if the mineral rights have been signed away?

Barbara Lemley

I live in the Highland Park additon about a mile behind Super Target in the 76015 area. Ive just now heard of all this. I recieved my offer in the mail today. I think Pleasant Ridge United has reached an agreement with Dale Property Servies. Is anyone in my area that can communicate with me and tell me what all this is about? Do I contact my mortage company? Do I have to sign the letter of intent today, and if I dont what are the consiquences? Anyone? Is there a deadline on this offer? Help !

Emily Young

I was just told today by Cheaha Land Services that they no longer are signing up ANY leases for properties covered by the UTA project and that from this point forward I should negotiate with Eagle Land Servies. We have not signed anything, although we have three parcels that fall within the boundary. Has anyone else been dealing with Eagle? What are they offering?

Ric Overley

We live in East Arlington and want to start a neighborhood association for the area south of Division, east of Collins North of Park Row and west of hwy 360. This would be a large central arlington eastern group to be able to get the highest price for everyone. It is obvious from the comments that individuals are not able to get $15,000.00 per acre - only groups can get bids that high by representing multiple property owners.
If anyone wants to contact me leave a post or see if the Star telegram will allow us to use their website to set up a communication to get started.

Cedric Dsouza

I have a rent home at 2909 Allen court -Arlington 76014 I have not been contacted by any leasing company does any one know if they are going to be doing any drilling in the area

clifford kwan

has anyone living in Cherry Creek Estates sub-division received any

Has anyone in the Overridge-Green Oaks area been contacted by an oil company yet?

I. Jones

Has anyone in the Coldwater Creek additon of S. Arlington received any type of letter from an Oil Co.?

Louis Post

Does anyone live on Highland Trail receive a letter from Oil company ask for initial meeting?

B. Humphries

all of you should read my blogs, they are mostly about bonus money.
check the archive blogs also.

steve c. jenkins

My property is located on Clint Ct. This is approx. 1/2 mile west of Hwy 360 and south of Arkansas a few hundred yards. $500.00 for my .167 acres is what i signed a lease for (with Cheha-respresenting Carrizo), a few weeks ago. When i realized that this was not fair-market value, i was very disappointed. Not sure what can be done about this inequity. Would appreciate any suggestions

Steve C. Jenkins

A few weeks ago, i signed a lease with Cheha (respresenting Carizzo oil and gas), unwittingly for $500.00 for my .167 acres. i have since learned that this is way below fair-market value. i'm not sure if anything can be done to rectify this matter and make it right, but i would sure like to get some imput as to what the possibilities are.

Does anyone know about Overland Stage Estates mineral rights in southwest Arlington

An Acre is 42,500 sf and average lots in arlington are 8200 sf. Plus and additional 700sf ( 1/2 of road frontage) for road frontage that would be part of the lease agreement.. Taking that in two consideration do the math


An acre is approx 40,000 sq feet. An average house in your area is on about a 5,000 sq foot lot. They have been paying $ 10.000.00 to $ 15.000.00 per acre. Do the math.

folasade raymond

i have received an offer from cheaha land services for $700 a lot and a 25% royalty share, i leave in ashmount ln, arlington, though i have signed ,but i need more info on the negotiations in the area, how many lots makes an acre? and what was the highest agreed rate per acre in the area considering the fact that my house will be within 5000ft from your site of operation, am just learning more about this on this site.

Otis Bowden

I have recieved and offer from Chesna oil for $700 and a 25% share.
I live on Ashmount Ln.Arlington. I have not signned

Norma Stroud

I own property in the Hillcrest Addition of north Arlington and was sent a packet with an offer from Carrizo Oil & Gas in September. They offered a Lease Bonus payment of 3000.00 per mineral acre and a 20% royalty. I have not signed.

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