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October 03, 2007


B. Humphries

Bob, if you sign a lease, and a title search show's you don't own
the minerals, the lease for you is rejected. It is not hard to find
out if you own your minerals., or if the developers do.

This sounds like it might be dirty business by someone. Like the
developers who retained the minerals. If all else fails in your
research of mineral ownership, get together and hire a lawyer
to find out what you need to know, as a group, before anyone signs
any lease offers. If it smells fishy to you, it probably is.
You will all need to protect your property rights.


Anyone have any information on Davis Land and the CIMMARON ESTATES properties they are trying to sign up?

If I am not mistaken, the developers kept all the mineral rights.

What happens in a case like this where the property owners sign a lease and they don't actually own the rights??

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