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October 18, 2007


R. Reese

What happens when you sign early, with the only company ofering leases and then a second company comes in later and negotiates with Neighborhood Assoc. for lease rights? Are you left out in cold or are your leased rights sold from one company to other bringing you back in to pooled area?

B. Humphries

The mayor needs to be told that this great city will need a permanent Boundry task force inplemented because of all the
stipulations, demands and concessions being given to neighborhood
boundry associations for leases. It can come out of the 10 million
dollars the City has socked away from gas leases. Because of the
en-equities in Bonus payments, how can there help but be a war over
this? People have the right to protect themselves and their property
from others.

B. Humphries

Yea well, just keep it all in your neighborhood, sounds tricky to me. you want wells, you want royalties but you want no trucks on
your streets? who's streets are you wanting them on? No gas lines
in your neighborhood to transport the gas from your wells? who the
hell else wants them for you? No compressors within 1000 feet of
anyones house? sure hope you people have plenty of acreage to spare.
Keep it all in your own damn boundries or be ready to pay the piper
sooner rather than later.

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