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October 24, 2007


pandora bijoux

I have been approached by someone who would like to sell thier mineral rights for a one time payment

Don Baker

I have a question about the worth of the mineral rights. Our group, "Bakers Acres Prospect" signned with Hollis Sulivan. Our well is producing 3 million cf/day I have been told since about the middle of December. We have not received any royalty yet, should be forthcoming in March. We have about 150 acres in our group. Our share is at 22.5% with no expenses taken out. My question is "what would the minerals rights be worth on the market for one acre as a lump sum payment?" I have been approached by someone who would like to sell thier mineral rights for a one time payment. I am interested, but have no idea as to the worth. I know there are companies who buy these rights because I have received correspondence about mine. I hope someone has a ball park estemate on this. thanks, Don Baker


We, the "what should we expect" signed but no drilling yet citizens out here, would like to have a general idea of what we may see in terms of royalty payments when drilling begins in our unit. Could this (Star Telegram) site please create a link where royalty owners who are actually receiving royalty checks could post actual payments received. Pertinent information would be Zip Code, royalty percentage, and size of lot in sq ft. or % of an acre as listed in the lease. If you could create such a link I suspect you would see a whole lot of activity. I for one whould check it every day.

Anyone out there willing to post the actual monthly payments they are receiving? There are royalty calculators, rough estimates etc., but nothing is as valuable as actual checks received.

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B. Humphries

Is this an estimate for each well ? X number of wells X's these figures?

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