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November 06, 2007



Bravo Mr. Gray


What if they drill & you aren't included in the unit? Do you think the gas under your house now will still be there when the gas company decides to abandon the well & it's leases from your neighbors?

David Gray

Mrs. Applewhite's fears are well founded. However, we must remember that these energy companies are in the business of finding, drilling for, and producing natural gas, not real estate. They have no desire to own hundreds, maybe thousands, of real estate properties they can't unload in a down real estate market. If these are indeed real concerns for property owners, carefully read the lease contract, and if possible, band together with others in your neighborhood and employ an attorney familiar with oil and gas leases. The fees associated can and will be minimized to each property owner and you can rest assured that there be no misunderstood contractual terms or fine print.

As for myself, unlike some people I have talked to in our city and with the same opportunities, I am not and will not sign on the dotted line until I am satisfied with the offer. But this also means negotiating with common sense and not with your pocketbook foremost in your mind. Yes, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us, but we must have the outlook that we have lost nothing by not signing, if that is your choice, and possibly much to gain if you do sign.

We all must remember, we hold the key to gas well activity in Grand Prairie as property owners and owners of mineral rights, and these energy companies HAVE to come to us. Do your homework on the Barnett Shale subject and learn all that you can, and you will then be a knowledgeable and formidable participant.

If they drill and find gas reserves, we all win. If they aren't allowed to drill, we don't lose, we just don't win.

B. Jammin

Where do you think your house is going to go?

mrs.karen applewhite

I live in South Grand Prairie and we are not getting much at all for our drilling rights alot of neighbors have already signed and are getting 400.00 20% percent royallty for 5 years and have after reading this I am thinking someone acted to fast.I for one have not signed and will not signed nothing that involves my land and house.For fear that I might come home from work one day and my house will not be there.

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