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November 17, 2007



B, tell people to Google Judon Fambrough at Texas A&M University. He has an OGML booklet (free) which they can download which might prove helpful. Also, tell them to ask company reps how they intend to get pipeline access to the well once drilled. You can't IP the well or produce and sell gas until you have a pipeline.

Keep posting, I like hearing your viewpoint.

Also what is the name of the Willie Nelson operation you mentioned in an earlier post? A landman in our office told me about it and said if natural gas was above $5.00/MCF it was profitable to Willie as an alternative. Willie is the man. I do not always agree with his politics but as a nice/good hearted man, he is tops. He has done a lot for farmers over the years.


Why are the homeowners having to pay a fee for an attorney to
guide and educate them on the leases's? To Broker a deal for them?

Don't the landmen or lease brokers who represent the Energy's

company's for leases have any expertise or knowledge of the

contents of the lease's they want signed so they can guide and

educate the public with their questions? Don't they have any

authority at all to negotiate the terms of a lease?

Are Landmen and Lease Brokers really just gofers? who have a notary

stamp in their pockets, which is an easily obtained tool, by

submitting an application, paying a small fee and getting a bond.

I have read that these hired attorney's are taking advantage of the

mineral owners, in fee's and percentages of their royalties.

And the lease brokers are flipping the mineral owners leases for

hugh sums of money. The only way to get a Fair Deal, neighborhood

groups, its to eliminate these middle men and deal directly with

the Energy Company of your choice. Free Trade Market, what a joke

that has become with the leases in the Barnett Shale. When no

standard of a Value for your minerals has ever been established.


Cheasapeake say's they will sue the city, if necessary, to get their
way on the disposal wells. How many they want and where they go.

They are either holding the city council hostage or intimidating
them over this issue. This is what happens when you let a Giant
take over your City.

If this issue between Cheasapeake and the City can't be resolved
peacefully (the city letting them have their way) I can see where
the comment by Clayton might be the next step for Cheasapeake, to
sell out of the Barnett Shale.


Chesapeke says they will sell 1.3 billion in assets to offset the 2 year curb in production reported in the Star-Telegram. I hope that anyone who signs with them isn't part of a stock market strategy to increase stock value by increasing net holdings before a big sale. They would stand to make more money then they pay out. 3 or 5 years won't matter if they don't drill. 25% royalty of nothing is still nothing. Being locked into a lease with no production can make anyone missout.

Texas Ex

At what Chesspeake pays per acre bonus, not really.

Tom Fowles

Chesapeake has indicated that they will be waiting for gas prices to go higher before beginning drilling. They lock a signer into a 5 year contract and may not drill until 4yr 11 mo later. Most of the drilling companies in the area are 3 year leases. Anyone signing a 5 year lease would be a fool.

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