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November 29, 2007


Jim Fuquay

The previous poster is correct regarding the well's surface location and its distance from the lease lines. We caught the error last night and deleted the references from the story scheduled for Friday's newspaper, but forgot to amend our Barnett Shale Blog post.
-- Jim


Jim and Mike, you're reading the plat/permit application incorrectly.

The drilling rig will be located at the "Kickoff Point," which is only 263 feet from the unit line. This puts it approximately 350 feet from the closest house. From what I also understand, there are 30-40 homes, both to the north and to the west of the proposed site, that are within 600 feet of the well bore. Chesapeake's distance waiver request letters were received in the neighborhoods today.

The "Penetration Point" is where the drill bit hits the shale - 7,000 feet below ground. THAT will be 533 feet from the north boundary of the lease. So, the path of the hole is slightly towards the south.

Finally, the City does not REQUIRE the drillers to get waivers. If the driller gets waivers, getting a permit is easier. If I remember correclty, without waivers, their permit reqest must go before the City Council.

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