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November 17, 2007


Rick Kiemsteadt

Above DY says that we should not consider 60% a "Majority", but in Flower mound 60% of the vote electing the NFL Slate was a "Resounding" wake up call... Make up your dad burn minds people...


Anyone know why EOG has permitted and drilled so many Barnett Shale wells in Montague County but shows no production from them?



judgeT= I sure would like to fax my cover letter and lease to your
attorney friend in Houston, to get his opinion on a few matters.
Actually a very simple matter., that could turn out to be a hugh
matter for a company here in Fort Worth.


I am having a hard time remembering where I post, this blog is getting so large. Thanks very much BH. Unfortunately my mother, et al only own minerals and not surface now, but I probably will file a Non-Production Affidavit of record or threaten to do so. I also have an attorney friend down in Houston who is a bearcat who said he could write a real good letter as well. Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations. Have a good weekend and go Cowboys.


Judge: PS, If your mother's property is not fenced and gated to lock
him out, go to town and get a restraining order against him from
going on her property. Thats the cheapest way to keep him out and
get his attention. He has breached and violated the lease.
now folks, this is just an opinion, so nobody get excited.


Landman2* I lived in the middle of nowhere for along time and still
had to pay a buttload of taxes, even with an agg. exemption plus
homestead. If our TXs is so smart and has 42 acres to mow, or
whatever with a bunch of wild hogs living on it so she can't enjoy
it without maybe getting herself killed by a hog, and she has
trouble paying her bills, as a single working mother, who spends
many hours on her hobby of blogging and research instead of enjoying
the great outdoors she is so trying to protect for those hogs,
it makes you wonder, is this woman financially challenged in the
head? by not getting some royalty money instead of breeding hogs?
"Stupid is as Stupid does" p.s. You are still a jerk, I've made
some posts to you that scott won't put on.


Judge* If that well hasn't produced in 2 years it should of been
plugged by now. No new wells in 2 yrs. either? Small time operator
taking advantage of a senior citizen? Old outdated lease form?

Judge, everyone on this blog knows I would lock him out. Lock the
gates. Deny him access to the lease and property. That will get
his attention, then maybe a release of the lease or a new lease
drawn up (this option with him I would by pass). He might huff and
puff but its all for show., to intimidate your mother.
He doesn't have a leg to stand on if he threaten's to sue her, but she has a strong case against him. What county is she in?
He might be in violation with the Railroad commission for not
plugging that well by now. u-know, filling the hole with cement.

Willie Nelson, its corn judge, not waste. I'll see what I can find on it for you. Just give me a little time. I know its on the net. thanks.


BH, I hate to give out advice on that issue (bonus), but I do not think so, but it would not hurt to ask to satisfy what your thoughts might be.

I know your concerns as I have a mother in her 70's who has property leased not in the Barnett Shale. Actually it is held by production even though the well did not produce for two years. That in by itself is a cessation of production in paying quantities, but it is on an old lease form and the current operator is some small time outfit that has given my mother the run around. I am about to get somewhat testy with them to either get some sort of action started or release the lease.

If I find some additonal online information to your question I will post that.

Landman 2

I wonder if all the oil & gas money that's being generated in Wise County also has something to do with Sharon's low taxes? May also have something to do with all the new schools going up & new police/fire equipment being purchased. I think she should pay more because she is not adding to this bonanza by developing her minerals!


Bh, saw your post that mentioned Willie Nelson's operation in regards to making fuel from waste.

Can you tell me where I can Google that to find out more about it?

Willie is a good man, and a really intersting guy.


judge* Yes!! I got the attorney info, thank you very much.

Did I understand you correctly that the Bonus amount money

could be a legal issue? Thanks for the kuddo's on my viewpoints.

And thank you for your input also.


Mr. Popp* Scott buried our discussion after my last post today in

Novembers archive. Don't really know why he did that. He left some

really boring articles with no comments under them up instead.

So old they are collecting cobwebs, and still no comments.


Good question. As Mark Twain once stated "Respect those who seek the truth, be wary of those who claim to have found it."

Bh, keep posting, I like hearing your viewpoint.


BH, did you see my post on the attorneys? I hope that proves helpful.


I live in the middle of nowhere so my taxes aren't much.


TXsharon, I just curious, if you have a job that doesn't quite

pay your bills, how do you pay your property taxs every year?


Well you did not work the problem.


Jim: I have answered the question about my "website" several places on this blog because many people seem to be HIGHLY interested. It's a blog not a "website" and you can get one just like it for FREE at

Nick: You said: "TxSharon, Don Young and Popp who want to deny our mineral rights." I own the mineral and surface rights to over 42 acres. Why would I want to deny people their mineral rights? I'm all about putting people and their rights BEFORE big business and that includes the big oil polluters. All I want is to help people make the necessary change from hydrocarbons to renewable energy before we suffer any more environmental damage and while we still have the natural resource that we can't live without—WATER. Then we could use the hydrocarbons we have for plastics and pharmaceuticals. That is my whole "agenda" laid bare for all to see. Sinister, eh?

An upside down flag is not a show or disrespect as I have posted on here before. Look it up.

I have a job that doesn't quite pay my bills. No one funds my website but it's quite flattering that so many seem to think it's a well funded site. LOL. You can get a free blog at

Of course I have commented on the story about Midlothian and the horrible condition of our air quality because of that plant but I did that on Burnt Orange Report blog where it was reported in detail. My Goodness! I can't be expected to cover every environmental atrocity. I did note the dramatic increase of hydrocarbons in our air which, along with the TXI plant, makes our air doubly bad.

Nick, you might want to inform Devon Energy about not referring to gas in barrels because they did just that in the Messenger article. It was equivalent barrels. I guess they do that for dummies like me who can't work out all that complicated math like you can. : )


Thanks B, and you as well.


Nick* Thank You, now we can agree to agree to be civil with each
other. Maybe some interesting thoughts can be exchanged.
I like to make points, some serious, some with my kind of humor
but I am no doormat, have a little to much redneck in my DNA.
Don't let TXsharon get under your skin or push your buttons
she does what she does, its a free country (sorta).

If you enjoy rapping with her, do it, if not, ignore her. Just
keep it civil, it gives you more credibility and respect for your
knowledge of the Industry in your comments. Have a good Day!!!!


And TXSharon, don't look the formula up on the internet if you supposedly are the Barnett Shale Gas Guru.


TxSharon, no the industry does not refer to gas in barrels.

Conversion of gas to oil equivalent is done on a 6MCF=1 BO basis for financial reporting purposes.

Why does a gas well require a pipleine connection before the well has initial production? The well must be shut in if it has to wait on a pipeline. Is methane trucked? the tanks you see in Denton/Tarrant/Parker/Wise for formations drilled into the Barnett collect frac water that comes out with the gas. You have oil produced in Barnett wells in Cooke.

Will you be kind eoungh to calculate gas in place for me by the volumetric method given the following parameters:

gas reservior=1,500 acres
Pay thickness=40 feet
average porosity=22%
average connate water 23%
Given Bg at initial reservoir pressure of 3250 psia calculated at 188 SCF/cu ft.

If you know the formula you can caluclate the answer?

Do it.


Bh I hope that 4-7's does drill you a well or puts you in a unit. I have no argument with you. Who I have problems with is TxSharon, Don Young and Popp who want to deny our mineral rights. Yes, I own mineral rights and surface as well. Have you read Sharon's website, with the upside down flag. I was not for going to Iraq either. But I could care less about the rights of those killers who attacked us on 9-11 and their comrades in arms. Sure we need alternative fuels, solar, wind, but we also need natural gas instead of coal and nuclear. Sharon has an agenda. She states industry does, but she does as well. Who funds her website, tell me that? How does she earn a paycheck to pay her bills? I hope they do drill you a well. I am not going to give you grief anymore. All I ask is read and review her website. You tell me if it is unbiased. Tell me if she makes comments about the story on Midlothian today. That has nothing to do about gas drilling, but she will not go after TXI will she? I wish you well. No more comments from me to you, or about you.


I heard a landman from the industry once declare that there was enough natural gas in the Barnett Shale to heat all the homes in North America for an entire year.

I was dumbfounded.

One year! What do we do after that?


JW; Never!!! are you kidding me? She would intimidate the hell out
of me. All I want is for 4/7's to drill my well so I can buy a
case of cat food for Missy Kitty and Prince., and oh yea, help me
pay my next property tax payment. I believe in Santa too JW.
Is all this because I am a blonde? Will my well ever happen JW?
Will I be Rich in Royalties? Or would I be better off suing
4/7's for that well? bigger jackpot????

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