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December 11, 2007


Elle Grand

I reside on Maryhill Rd. Is the Heritage West addition represented by an organization?


Hi Chas [post of Feb 10th],

Can you tell the readers what area you live in ? This is the first time I hear of 17K/acre in one sentence with Wyldfire or Hollis Sullivan.

And I'm really curious to know what kind of environmental protection you got put in your lease agreement ?

Hardy Leenders


02/09/08 Just signed with Hollis Sullivan, 17K / acre signing bonus, 22% of gross, 640 acre pool. Wyldfire. 3/2. Met with neighbors and they are signing too. Let's get this hole dug.

sherry downes

Loni, I live in Ridgcrest Addition right next to Brownlee Meadows. I have been trying to find a larger group too. Feb 7th I attended the Colson Estates meeting. They are already getting started and going with Hunters Glen and other larger subdivions. We are so close to that area but they didn't seem to think we were in their area. Since we are small next to these larger subdivions we need to join them if possible, but we have to find out who has signed and who has not in our own subdivisions. My immediate neighbors on one side have signed. I thought I counted 90 homes in Brownlee and 109 in ridgecrest. If we can get some numbers maybe they'll let us join, but the lady I spoke with said they were trying to hurry and get going because another area was nearing a deal and maybe this group could go with them. I'm not sure exactly what she meant. So far this is the closest I've come to finding another group. Hope this helps you too.

traci perdue

Has anyone already signed at the beginning. I did and was uneducated on the matter and found that they will no go back and match what everyone else is getting that is signing later. There should be something we can do about this? Maybe? I wish I had known more about all this at the time.

Hi Ryan,

Next to searching online if anyone is organising your neighborhood, talk to your neighbors and initiate getting all of them together (not only your street but the whole of your subdivision). Talk to each other about the subject matter.

Meanwhile please also check (posar=property owners south arlington) which is close to your area.

And check other websites such as those of SWAPO and CCNG. They have some helpful information too.

thanks, regards
Hardy Leenders


Ryan, others,

Please check !

POSAR = Property Owners of South Arlington

thanks, regards
Hardy Leenders (Cherry Creek Estates, South Arlington)

Ryan Jaeger

Has there been any sort of organization attempts with the Meadow Vista Estates neighborhood? I've looked all over the internet and cannot find anything. Some neighborhoods have really come together and it appears they are benefiting. I have not signed my lease paper yet and I was planning on attending the meeting on the notice I received in the mail recently. I also heard there is a potential penalty with your mortgage company if you signed the lease (signing away your mineral rights?). I really with my neighborhood would organize!!

Theia Brewrer

I am in the Meadow Vista Estates off of Matlock and Harris (Lease Offer from Hollis R. Sullivan/Wyldfire Energy) and, although I have already signed (regret), I recently changed my deed to show a different owner and have since received a new lease offer. Original was $2,000 per acre, with 22% royalty, now the offer is $1,000 a lot with 22%. I called Wyldfire Energy and they stated there is a competitor in the area, so they have increased the bonus offer. Not sure if I can get more or not since I already signed(trying), but for those who have not signed, keep holding out and organize! Wish I could have found all this information out before I signed, but too little too late. Good Luck!

Loni Parmelly

I am in Brownlee Meadows East of Silo, West of Collins and South of the Arlington Airport. We have been contacted by Hollis Sullivan and want to join up with other groups who know more about it than us. Please notify me if there are other groups or individuals who want to band together to get the best offer.

Dear Darrel [Caswell], Carl [Chaney], Donald [Crosby] and others,

Appreciate the info you're giving to me and others. My suggestion is to scramble your neighbors together first in your own neighborhoods which requires immediate attention; After that look for the other neighborhood groups in your direct vicinity and believe me, other groups will want to team up with other groups !

In a November meeting with reps from Wyldfire I was told as well of a possible upcoming drill side at South West corner of Harris Rd / Matlock Rd but also a proposed site at South West corner of Turner-Warnell and Matlock.

Meanwhile, also get as educated on the topic as you can and share the knowledge. Leasing your mineral rights may sound nice to get at least some pocket change, but how much value you the environment and your health ?

Please read this link ...

Key is to be patient + my advice is to not sign that lease.

thanks, greetings
Hardy Leenders

Darrel Caswell

I live in Hunters Trail neighborhood, which is just North of Eden Road and East of Matlock. Went to a meeting with Wyldfire a couple of weeks before Christmas and we got an offer of $2000 per acre signing bonus and 22% royalties as well. So far we have confirmed that no one on our street has signed. We are trying to get further support from the rest of the neigborhood. Have not heard back from Wyldfire except for a few flyers before the holidays.

Don't think we are in the same well group as Eden Gardens but with the same overall group. They intend to have two drilling sites. One on the West side of Matlock just north of the trailer park and the other just South of Edan and East of Matlock near the water tower. The one near the water tower will pretty much have the wells running North and South. Not sure about the other site.

Carl Chaney

I live in the Eden Gardens neighborhood, which is just south of Eden road and west of Matlock. I have had numerous flyers and junk mail from a company called Wyldfire Energy on behalf of Hollis R. Sullivan. They even sent me a lease to sign offering $2000 per acre signing bonus and 22% royalties. I have not met with them nor have I signed anything. I was wondering if there is an organized group negotiating in my area. This is all new to me and I don't want to get the raw end of the deal.

Donald Crosby

Has anyone had contact or signed a lease in teh Western Trails neighborhood (North of Mansfield-Webb, West of New York Ave, South of Southeast Parkway) I have been in cantact with a group called PetroCasa. They say they are working closely with Exxon Mobil (I believe that is right). Does anyone have any info on this group?


Regarding Cherry Creek Estates (East of Matlock, North of Mansfield-Web, South of Turner Warnell), I'm trying to get neighbors together. Please email me (if you haven't done so) at plus you can check Yahoo Group:

Also wondering if we can team up with other groups that have offers from Wyldfire (on behalf of Hollis R Sullivan).

H. Leenders

Woodbine Neighborhood

Woodbine Neighbors have joined with SWAPO Group. Additional information regarding gas lease is available at or

Mark Middleton

Hollis R. Sullivan is offering leases in the Colson Estates @ SE corner of Sublett and Silo. We need to be organized they are offering 7000 per acre/1000 per house signing bonus with 22%

My E-mail is

Scott Nishimura

A reader asks "What will happen if I don't sign my lease?"

Here's the answer:

Thank you,

Scott Nishimura, one of the blog authors

mark c

What will happen if we do NOT sign the lease with any drilling company?

Sterling Green Resident

Residents of Sterling Green Addition (very small neighborhood on the northwest corner of Sublett & Bowen Roads, west of the mobile home community) were approached by GMB Professional Land Servies (on behalf of Paloma Resoures) and offered $6,000/acre sign-on bonus, 25% royalty, 3 year term, however, many Sterling Green Addition residents are unaware that Paloma's offer was actually $7,000/acre sign-on bonus!! What is GMB Professional Land Services doing with the rest of the money that is meant for the residents in this community??

clifford kwan

I got the same offer, that's not enough according to what I see in these blogs....


Mid November I went to a meeting of Wyldfire Energy who offered $2000/acre signing bonus + 23% royalties, lease of 3 years. This is in South Arlington, just off Matlock, Cherry Creek estates.

se arl

There is a homeowners meeting for people in the Summerwood, Colonial Estates and other neighborhoods on Monday at 7:30 pm I heard but not sure what church it is at.


Google Judon Fambrough at Texas A&M University. He has an oil and gas leasing booklet you can download. Get educated.


Additional offers in Huntwick: $15000 per acre, 25% royalty, 3-2 lease from Dale Resources.

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