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December 26, 2007



We have successfully gotten everyone paid in full for their bonuses on the 17k lease agreement. We have the lease posted on our website. We also have other community information for homeowners and newcomers to Arlington, TX

sherry downes

I also live in ridgecrest addition, but haven't heard from many neighbors. Ours is a small subdivision and we need to hear from a larger group in our area. We need people from Brownlee Meadows and Brookcrest even Colson if anyone knows of a group trying to get started in our area. Lynn Creek has a homeowners assoc. so I'm not sure they would let other additions join. I' still trying to find information. Any help or info appreciated. Thanks, Sherry Downes 817-467-5860

pete argumaniz

i live in the ridgecrest edition and am intrested in joining a group could someone contact me if my support is needed. thanks pete

sherry downes

Has anyone heard of a group organizing south of sublett between collins and silo rd. we have been contacted by people who say they are representing Hollis Sullivan. thanks

Bill Tinsley

I have begun to organize the Fairfield addition that is North of Green Oaks Blvd., East of Matlock, and south of Bardin. I am planning on hosting a Neighborhood meeting at Bob McFarland Park (near our proposed drill site.) This meeting is on Saturday Jan 19 at 3pm

For questions, please contact me at the following email address:


Daniel Webb

As an update, I met with an agent for a large local energy company this morning and discussion went well. Presently, I believe they can offer a better package than anything on the table right now. If you are interested you may still join the neighborhood group by visiting the above listed website or email me at

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