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December 31, 2007



The Seismic survey test in and around Beaumont,TX are being done
using explosive's (dynamite). BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

Check out the story under "state" in todays paper, right hand
colume, half way down.


CMAR: When our Trinity River is as bone dry as the Rio Grande River

and the population of DFW is suffering like the Valley and across

the border in Mexico for lack of water, ours caused from excessive

drilling and the amount of water it requires combined with our

natural droughts every summer, is that when the Energy companys

will decide to pack up and move on? Leaving us High and Dry?

"Cry me a River" indeed, the mantra will be "Pray for Rain"


Cry Me A River


I'd pay 4/7s/Cheasapeake $25.00 to come out and survey my lot and
include the 50 ft. extention out to the middle of my street this
time. This would make my lease, bonus amount and royalty amount
brought up to date, like the provisions given to other Lessee's.

I keep being reminded that this is a "Free Trade Country"

Never In my life time have I witnessed what the flip side of

that is, like I am now, from the Powerful Energy Giants and our

City Government, none of whom has ever said this is a

"Fair Trade Country" as well. This has been proven, right here

in Cowtown by the Energy Giants by the incorigible, abominable

inconsistant Lease Terms given to the mineral owners in the same

B.S. Gas Field.

WoW Folks, enough to buy a big Pizza and a few drinks. So they
can make millions if you give'm your lease. Whats wrong with
this picture?

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