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February 29, 2008



EOG Resources, formerly Enron Oil & Gas - yes they were Enron Corporation!!! -, is what many neigbors out here consider the neigbhor from HELL! Up until about 1.5 years ago this was a very peaceful country setting and now we have had to put up with very loud engine noise 24/7 since then. Despite many neighbor complaints about the high existing noise level, EOG Resources took it upon themselves to fire up another compressor machine yesterday (makes 6 total now) that seems louder than all the other existing five combined. Looks like the shameful behavior of Enron is living on through EOG Resources. I would like to aplaud XTO Energy for their excellent consideration of the environment and the well being of the neighbors out here!


Rick's residence is about a 1/2 mile away from EOG Resource's noisy Big Daddy compressor station.

How far is Rick's residence from the compressors?


You can check out a great short video clip comparing the noise levels of these two compressor stations by clicking:

cute, just like having a traveling circus
set up in your neighborhood, ya got the
noise but no flim-flam of a circus. You got the trucks, the dust, the stink, the
noise and the ugly site. How yu going to
spend your twenty bucks in trade?

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