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February 13, 2008



I commend them for donating the playground equipment and labor!

I have to say that Atmos is the ONLY BILL that I get each month and pay with a smile. When I was out of work for over a year Atmos worked with me and my family; NO OTHER UTILITY DID. The rest can go out of business for all I care.

-The war vet - Let the lawyers figure all of the details out; you or I know NOTHING.

Atmos is a good company.

Eric Pinola

Will Evans

Gas companies have large PR budgets and seek communities that they are interested in doing business with. Small donations are very common and small local jurisdictions are quick to hold out their hands. This amounts to a legal bribe and any town with any sense of pride should reconsider its position before accepting donations. The strings attached may be be invisible, but they're there.

Rick Allison

Atmos Energy has recently been investigated by the US Labor Department's Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) for disability discrimination against a disabled, Gulf War veteran. He reported asking for simple, workplace accommodations for his disabilities and was summarily dismissed without further discussion. The EEOC has determined that Atmos was in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and they may be sued, soon. A complaint has also been filed with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Atmos refused to admit any wrongdoing in the situation, and they refused reconciliation. Instead, they chose to make excuses for their illegal behavior.

James: It doesn't even make sense.
It sounds like a gross error.
Have an attorney look at it. It will be
worth it to you. DON'T SIGN IT UNTIL

James Walsh

I was sent a royalty sharing agreement to sign. It covers one well drilled to drain 493 acres. I have five acres. My royalty share is .001***. Is this consistent with other agremments that you have seen?

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