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February 07, 2008



JW: Thank You for taking the time to
inform me about my lease. I appreciate
it very much. My instincts from the
very beginning about my lease, after
not being put in a unit, with'en a
couple of months at least are on target.
Thank You for pointing out paragraph 13.

If you really Knew me JW, you would not
say I have been crying over my deal. I am
not the crying type, far from it, nor do
I whine. I get mad JW and I get things
done. BC is the whiner.

Fact is, I did contact a law firm months
ago. It was too soon. They rejected my
case then, neither of us was sure what to
focus on at that time. Now, things are
different and I can do a better presentation of my issues. 4/7's is even
refusing to issue a correct 1099 misc. for
the bonus money. They say box 3 "other
income" is correct. I requested a 1099
with box 1 or 2. Haven't heard back from
them like they said I would. I have until
April on that, will notify the IRS and
let them handle it for me with 4/7's.
The next Law firm I contact will not be
in Tarrant County. Thanks again.


The sentence about whois doing the drilling/where the well is located is not within the "4 corners" of the lease therefore they are not part of the terms. You could claim that the cover letter induced you to sign but any reasonable person would want the well to be drilled/lease to be valid. You are obviously an unreasonable person!


Bev: I'm not your attorney BUT I don't see any merger clause in your lease, therefore you have the slimmest of chances of invoking the prior oral/written statements as a part of the lease. Again, I'm not your attorney, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

Under paragraph 13 of your lease, give written notice to 4-7s/CHK about their alleged breach (through an attorney)and if they don't satisfy you sue them. No reason to post over here everyday and cry. Sue them (through your own legal counsel which I am certainly not).

BTW, how is your defamation/slander/whatever lawsuit going against one of the commentors here on this blog?


Sure it makes sense!!! What doesn't make
sense is I am not in a unit and not
getting royalty checks yet. 7/2007

If my lease terms from the originator
was assigned to another company, they
are required to honor the terms of the
lease proposal I signed for.


From YOUR lease: "the interest of either Lessor or Lessee hereunder may be assigned, devised or otherwise transferred in whole or in part, by area and/or by depth or zone, and the rights and obligations of the parties hereunder shall extend to their respective heirs, devisees, executors, administrators, successors and assigns" Let me know if this makes sense.


"More than likely had a merger clause?"
you don't sound to sure of yourself.

The only merger I can figure out that would "work" is if Four Seven's merged with a Rig and drilled me the well my
my lease proposal from them stated they were going to drill 1/2 mile N.W. of my
property last July.

The argument that won't stand up on this
is "Better late than Never" you won't
find that clause in my lease either.

Louis McBee

SWAPO2...don't be fooled. Dale and Paloma are just as bad as Four Sevens! Would suggest that you deal directly with the producer/driller themselves and leave the middle-man out of the equasion.

BH for President

BH, your lease more than likely had a merger clause, that argument won't work.


My License should be revoked? Are you depressed? or just sweating?,
Try a chill pill. If the Glencrest people are still locked into
their default lease's, still don't have their bonus money and
haven't signed the new lease's that were required and have not
signed on with attorney Hart, or found another attorney who wouldn't take a percentage of their bonus and royalty money like
Hart wanted to do, then all I have to say is "The Lord helps those
who help themselves". I have said this before and I'll say it again, this case needs to be presented to the District attorney,
Briscoe committed fraud on these people, last I heard, Fraud was
a criminal activity.
My Cover Letter came signed, sealed and delivered with my Lease.
What do you think a Cover Letter is for? It's the lease proposal
fool. It is one of three pages of my lease and is as binding as
the lease it's self. When do you think Four Seven's will get around
to drilling me that well?


Four Seven's Agents? What happened to the title Landmen?
Is Four Seven's now calling their leasing people Agents,
to avoid a standard of training and liability for these
people they hire to broker leases for them? Can it get
any worse? ya, I think it can, If anyone knocks on your
door people with a Four Seven's T-Shirt on and hands you
a card that say's Leo Briscoe,Sr. Agent for Four Seven's
Energy on it, close your door, lock it and call 911.

If the people who signed with Glencrest can not get out of leases where they haven't even been paid bonuses how can you get out of your lease? Because of a cover letter or a phone conversation with some unknown 4-7's employee? Your license should be revoked!


Thank You !!! Finally, I am Vindicated for my complaints against
Four Seven's Energy and the Landmen who represent them. I have
been stating my case and opinion's in this blog since July 2007
about the unethical business practices of Four Seven's Energy
and their associates.

Now, because of this, I am going to do everything I can to get my
lease recinded and sign a new offer I have.

Thank You SWAPO 2 !!! Thank You Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Beverly Humphries

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