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April 08, 2008



which company is drilling in alvarado, tx?

Chris in OKC

I think CE is a Enron clone.
And AM is a snake.
I live in OKC, you either play hard and dirty when dealing with Cheapskate Energy or you invest dirty gathering on him.
Deal with them with a willingness to deal a nuclear strike against them.
Devon is either the most ethical one of the 2 or does a better job at hiding it.

P. Weems

I would like to say and warn, that Devon in my opinon pales tremendously in the ethical behavior of Chesapeake. Chesapeake tries to negotiate, to be fair, and to be seen favorably with the Johnson County citizens. Devon on the other hand, plays underhanded, does not give a darn about public opinion,does not research property properly, and or does not make sure the lease owners are protected from contractual law suits, as half of their lease declarations have violations, and inaccuracies recorded in the JCAD,and JC Clerks office,and they grab land, that they know they can use without leasing the land, resulting in so called windows in lease pools that are technically Gas Captures......The Tx RRC protects them and blames the legislative inefficency to regulate..The Tx RRC needs a complete overhaul to fit todays times...Barnett Shale times...Tx citizens are being taken advantage of from lease monies,fine print items, to pipeline domain laws to torn up roadways.Devon will not pay a marketable value in bonus monies, they will come within 331 feet of properties un -leased, and they dont care about consequences, because there are none........Beware!!! Do not sign with Devon..That is my experience and opinion...........

Harrison Bergeron

Obviously the collective bargaining that neighborhood assocaitions have allows them to negotiate higher up-front bonus payments and royalties. While it is unfortunate that some property owners signed at lower bonuses, at the time that was the fair price. And I know that these Oil companies have more than enough money to offer high bonus payments, but from an economics perspective, this is a business, not a charity. So get over it Harvey.

Harvey Wells

Do they also 'bemoan' the $2,000/acre payments and much lower offers made to other areas for the same gas or is it just the market value, that they establish, that troubles them?

Robert Lalor

Are the lease payments in rural areas similar to those paid in urban areas?

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