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April 09, 2008


Darren Webb

I need help in understanding what we need to do to be included in getting paid correctly.... We live in the Heather Estates addition on Country Club drive.
We are located at the corner of country club, matlock drive and Debbie Lane. Nobody in our neighborhood seems to know what needs to be done. even our hoa has no idea of what we need to be doing can you let me know what we need to be aware of.

Kristi Rivera

Please inform me if we can do the oil and gas lease I also live in Walnut Hills and I would like info about this.

Brandy Niemuth

I live in the Walnut Hills subdivision off Matlock in between Debbie Ln. and Country Club. Some of our homeowners have signed leases, but definitely not a majority. I have 2 questions - the first is - do the gas companies have to have 80% from the neighborhood? The second one is -any suggestions on how to band our neighborhood along w/ the surrounding subdivisions?


Will there be any lease contracts in the Holland Estates Subdivision in Mansfield?

Rafael Talavera

Dear Mr. Nishimura,
Today I was at the Church and I was confused because both oil companies were there. I would like to have more information about the lease sign.
Rafael Talavera

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