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April 17, 2008


Got Canned

I signed back in April and I was suppose to receive my signing money within 30 bussiness days. It has now been over 40 bussiness days late. Doesnt this make colt defaulting on the aggrement? Do I have the right for a new lease aggrement. This isnt right.


wow. i hope nobody takes this pat guy serious.

Well those that did not sign with Fleet are getting offers of 10k to 16k per acre from XTO and Four Sevens. Rumor has it that Fleet has pulled out because he can't compete with the offers now. I guess it really didn't matter how many companies there are, get competing leasing agents seems to work just fine.


we are still getting other offers from
colt they are willing to go to middle
of the street. i just would like to know
how many people have not signed any contract. maybe we could get together and try to get a better contract?
blog if you are one of them. maybe we could all meet at the school and talk.
good luck


Fleet/XTO is getting one heck of a deal with Timbercreek. I can't believe any other company is unwilling to bid over there. There is ALOT of gas under that part of the county.

The citizens of Timbercreek are getting the DRILLING SHAFT...

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