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August 01, 2008



25% is not the norm, people in the SHALE seem to think its the Norm, but its not, A standard OG&M Lease is 12.5% , Ft. Worth has had it to easy, with all the 25% Leases and Large Bounes and hinney wiping going on.

Batty Witt

Oil Royalty Mineral Rights – Anwar

To Whom It May Concern,

Who owns the mineral rights to the oil in the area congress needs to vote on? (Anwar – off shore)

Normally, the land owner gets 25% of the profit.

If this is owned by the US government, who gets the 25% ????

Should a royalty check be paid to every US citizen?

This in not federalization of the oil, just normal business procedures to pay the 25% to another party besides the oil company. The companies don't normally get this money anyway.


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