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August 25, 2008



Not feeling sorry at all for you greedy folks that put the health, safety and welfare of your neighbors at risk by signing one of these leases. You deserve all the bad fortune you get.



what i need is a real man's man like you
to go kick some butt over at 4/7's.

u-know, a guy with more brawn than brains.

about my lease with 4/7's? no, they haven't drilled that well yet, 1/2 mile
NW of my house, like the cover letter
said they were gonna do last July. That's
the July of 2007 not 2008. would you call
that being in default of my lease agreement terms drill bit?
Just found out, they let my lease sit and
grow mold for the last 9 months, CKP
didn't pick it up until April of 2008.

guess you heard, CKP is pull'en out??

guess you heard all my neighbors are fix'en to get big fat, hugh bonus checks
from Vantage??

I didn't need meds until I signed a bogus
gas lease.

Sharon Cline

If 20 neighborhoods are included in this possible deal,why aren't the other groups out here being asked to be included?That would up the ante.We aren't the enemy out here.We are your friends,your relatives,your teacher's,and your neighbors.I tried to contact WAMRA a week ago.They are probably very busy.I'm hoping they'll respond to me this or 817-798-0539


BH, i see you are at it again, go take your meds, and worry about your own OG&ML, BH got a well yet?


jeff, it's never safe to assume a damn
thing when signing a lease.

Jeff Toler

Is it safe to asssume we can use the figures on the dale properties papers as far as the size of our lots, or is there another avenue to figuring out what we actually own plus the street figured in?
Thx. Jeff T.


I just got a letter from The Caffey Group on August 28, 2008. Here are the following terms:
1. Lease Bonus payment of $26,000.00 per net mineral acre.
2. Primary Term of 3 years with Lessee's option to extend for 2 years at $26,000.00 per mineral acre.
3. Royalty on production will be 25% of the net mineral interest ownerd by Lessor in the gas unit.
4. Lessee shall pay to Lessor the following royalties, which shall, except for Lessor's share of production serverance taxes be free of all costs of any kind.

Any opions on this offer. I called the phones number on the letter and I'm waiting for a landman to contact me. Thanks

Scott Bauer

Hey Dean,

This is Scott Bauer and as you are probably aware, I assisted Turf Green in their negotiations. If you contact your HOA representatives, they can get you my contact information. If you shoot me an email, we can set up a time to discuss any concerns you may have.


--Scott Bauer


so, where does this leave me? sitting in
the middle of all this with a chesapeake
lease from July 07?


Hey Dean , instead of saying someone is LYING to you, ask to speak with the "LANDMAN in Charge" do not ask questions to last weeks burger flippers.

Jim Fuquay

Dean -

Some developments do have technical legal issues regarding how the land used for streets was originally transferred. I can't tell you what the case is in your area. I'd encourage you to contact your neighborhood leadership and express your concerns. Thanks for writing.



Mr. Faquay,

We were in the TURF-GREEN Area and signed with the Caffey Group.

Our undersood agreement prior to signing was that the Lease Bonus and Royalty Payment would be based on "TO THE CENTER OF THE STREET" calucations.

At time of signing however the Lease agreement only included the "tax roll" figures for Royalty Payment. To calculate the "Lease Bonus" they used a factor of 1.208 times the property area to arrive at the Bonus Payment.

When I confronted The Caffey Group with this serious error they said the streets belonged to either the city or the original developer and we would be paid Royalty only on the County Records Calculation for our property.

Now my comment; 'Do you know if any group has addressed this situation with the Caffry Group'?

My concern is that the "Gas Companies" might be lying to the home owners and intend to capture the "street gas" without paying royalties to anyone but themselves.

Your reply would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Dean Costello

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