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October 01, 2008



Hey Brent Berkeley, its not retarded, but Gifted, as far as Land Company, I do not work for a Land Company, and walking the streets i leave that to your Mom and girlfriend, if you have a woman, YOU HELD OUT AND GOT LEFT OUT, PARTY OVER, now the ball is in HAND ( 9 Ball Term ),The Landman will have the big stick Now, Lease or dont Lease, no Sweat off my *&^%#, again FORT WORTH, TEXAS a Great TEXAS City, it just happens to have about 3% CRY BABIES, and BRENT you are in that small %, Now go back a flip your Burger, and dont burn the burger.

I agree with Meredith! I waited for over a year and listened to the "Alliance".
What a JOKE!! I signed with another company that had also made a good offer to us and they are drilling now!!

Brent Berkeley

It is obvious that Drillbit is a retarded individual. LOL. Which land company do you walk the streets for?

If you really cared about my/your neighborhood you would have picked a company that actually had drillsites from which they could produce our minerals, instead you went for the higher bonus, that simple. pure stupidity! sure glad i never intended on signing with vantage. just seemed to wierd that a company would come from out of no where and start signing leases with BIG BACKING they say.


your greed has kicked you in your own face, all you were looking for is the upfront money. looks like your year of work went down the drain trying to nab the highest bonus in tarrant county. Always take the money and run.


I heard Vantage/Coffey/Titan pulled out. They were on TV! Channel 8 last night. Looks like Cherokee Horn was the smart choice. They're the only ones left who are not reducing their offers.

Chesapeake is out. Not leasing anymore. XTO, DVN, all gone. Looks like the bubble has burst.


Hey Block Captain, cry me a river


Sharon, Its called " Your S.O.O.L."

Sharon Miles

As a block captain in the Wedgwood area, I have worked for a year to reach an agreement and sign my neighborhood with Vantage. Please respect our efforts in negotiating and allow us to sign, as we intended to do tomorrow. We believe you do have the good credit backing or we would not have decided to sign with Vantage. We have respected you and want you to continue in good faith we want to have with your company. So much effort has been made with both sides, so let's go forward.
Sharon Miles


they dont have one for wedgwood also which makes me curious, what they are going to do with all these leases they are taking. They are spending all this money without even having a pad site to drill from to produce everybodys minerals.

Brent Berkeley

I wonder which drill site they plan on using? Isn't the whole reason XTO backed out of the previous deal due to Fleet Oil doubling the asking price of the viable drill site? Where are the drill sites that Vantage/Titan would use?

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