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October 23, 2008


air yeezy shoes

Thank you so much for writing this! I learned a lot and appreciate the perspective.


I'm in BC-MRC, and we signed our Titan deal on Oct 15. Glad to hear them say that it will be honored. Once that bank draft they issued us turns into real money in my account, I'll uncross my fingers. My neighbors who hadn't signed yet are not happy campers now.

Hey, JW: It's Jim Fuquay, not Jeff. Now your rude comment is laughable. Be nice!



Jeff Fuquay isn't here to hold your hand and be your advisor. He reports stories. Grow up.

Land Pro

the caffey group needs around 150 leases or so before they get paid from TITAN for the CATS area according to my sources. Then the offer will be withdrawn from the CATS area.


Don't expect Jim Fuquay to ever get back to you on that. Seems like he's just too busy.

CATS member

Jeff, where are you in Arlington? If you are in the CATS area, you are safe.


Where do you live in arlington? How much bonus/royalty did they pay you?


Interesting developments.

I live in Arlington and just signed my lease deal with Titan, through Caffey, on Monday 10/20.

The blog above says, "Titan said it will not accept any new leases but is honoring drafts issued through Oct. 18."

I wonder if Titan meant no new leases from BC-MRC after 10/18, or if that applies for everyone. Like me. :-(

Any ideas???

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