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December 08, 2008


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If that's Clayton Williams company, I wouldn't sign with them if they offered me a pile of gold 4 ft. high!!


A lot of people who paid a premium for their homes here in peaceful, clean Lewisville would just as soon be left out, because of the concern that the consequences of drilling in our neighborhoods is just not worth the money.




Actually, residents in Lewisville have gotten offers from 2 different companies.

CPANA (Central Park Area Neighbors Assn.) represents neighborhoods in Southern Lewisville who have received offers from Cherokee Horn.

SANA (Summit Area Neighbors Assn.) has elected to sign with Williams Co.

Cherokee Horn's offer is $2,500 per acre signing bonus and 20% royalty after expenses. No contract concessions. Drilling sites are both in environmentally sensitive areas.

Williams' contract is $4,000 per acre bonus and 25% royalty free and clear. SANA gained additional contract concessions.

Chesapeake does have some leases in the city, most notably with the City of Lewisville, but this is for land that is East of I-35E. The first permit application in Lewisville was issued to Chesapeake for the Duwe well.

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