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January 26, 2009



So now TCEQ tells me they need to bring in these lift compressors to boost lagging production on the older wells. Compressors = formaldehyde


I'd like information about Carrizo. They signed contracts with my neighborhood back in May 2008. No one in my neighborhood has heard from Carrizo since 2008. My contract says it is "UTA" but when I got ahold of a person at a phone number for Carrizo that I found on their internet site earlier this year they said our area is "Rolling Hills." Now they don't answer our phone calls or emails. Anybody know anything about them?


i would like to know how they got Carrizo to pay up, no-one else seems to be able too. Do they just have a good lawyer?

Linda Yarbrough

Whatever became of AISD's filing against Carrizo for payment discrepancies? Would be interested to know, especially since UTA/Spaniola 9/2/2009 Press Release gave Carrizo a glowing report of UTA's royalties and that of College Hills neighborhood.

Michele Cowsert-Harris

Frankly, I would like to know who is receiving royalities? Eagle Land Services where get to sign you up...however, how do you find out about your royalities. Noone returns phone calls and I personally have not received any information in the mail.

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