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June 03, 2009


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Occidental just discovered a major oil field in California. It's there if govt allows for the searching and drilling of new oil.

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it's been 5 weeks since the last one, so how about another post ? maybe AISD sues Carrizo or something. maybe more details about the monster wells .something. come on.

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David Petrasek


You people want your cake and eat it too.

You’ll take their money, then whine about it afterwards.

You are an embarrassment to Fort Worth & Texas.

I wish you’d take your “Obama mindset” and move to Moscow or Paris, both being equally depraved. You & your kind should feel very home in either location & Fort Worth would be so much better off.

You and your kind are about as newsworthy as a dust devil on the planes. A momentary irritant at best.

David Petrasek, Fort Worth, Texas


what a gut less author


Don Young

FWCanDo Chief, Don Young says, "When will the Star-Telegram report on the TCEQ report that supports the study by Dr. Al Armendariz? I expected to see it on the front page a week ago. Instead, all we get are business reports from the industry that has caused the ozone doubling in the BS.

What about public health and safety and the environment? Aren't they part of the Barnett Shale news, too?"

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