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May 04, 2010


R Beck

I agree I live on the West Side of Fort Worth. I got a measley $500 dollar bonus when everyone else got $2500 to $3000 within 60 days of my lease. When it came time for the extension I was told take it or leave it and got a nother $600.00 just one month ago. Most of my neighbors said they were not going to sign an extended lease. I have put up with trucks, lights, loud noises from a well that is less than 600 ft. from my home and can't find a sole who cares and have been kept awake at night with all the noise. So why was I not offered an amount for all those issues of it being so close to my home? I call the Railroad Commission and they tell me that well was "special". What does that mean, "special". It is located on the corner of Westpoint/Almeada and houses/parks/churches are all around. Who approved the drilling on this one? That was so wrong. Come live next to this!! Mayor or council members of Fort Worth!! Where will my vote go? Now the huge pipeline and the stopping of traffic and who wants that big pipeline so close to your home that you have worked hard for nearly 20 years? I am a concerned Westpoint Neighbor. This was just crazy!! Where was our offer of at least $7500 to put up with this? RB


These landmen are such crooks. While we are not in this Arlington area but rather west FW, we went in to sign one day, disputed the amount of acreage on our lease, went back the next day and they pulled out. Recently, we decided to take a smaller amount on a lease and I have a letter that says the draft will be paid "upon approval of title" but Striker Land Services now claims 60 banking days. Even that was a lie.

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