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February 25, 2011



We signed a lease along with everyone else. We have not heard one word. I have tried to contact Chesapeak and now they are passing me on to Carrizo oil. Just want to know when or if they are going to pay us any thing or renew our contract. They have not been good at keeping people informed. I have a friend who signed same time and contract as us and she has received a check. So am not sure what the difference is,


I am between Park Springs Drive and Kelly Elliott 76017 in the section between Sublet and Green Oaks. Chesapeake contracted with us and renewed on the 2 year anniversary but now it seems that we have been drooped. When I phoned them I was told that no leases were being offered in my area now. Does anyone know about this and are they using our expired leases to continue without our signatures? In short is money being made without royalties being honored?


I'm off Park Springs just south of I-20, and was canvassed today regarding renewal of the gas lease at $1500/acre. I own rental property a mile from here, and was represented by SWAPO2 back in 2008. I knew, from dealing with the gas lease on my other property in Grapevine that a homes acreage was supposed to include the land out to the middle of the road along your road frontage, and told them I wouldn't sign until that was on the contract (after they tried several ways to snow me into doing it). They blew me off and I never got a cent because enough had signed for them to have rights to the area. I ended up talking to the person who headed SWAPO2 about this matter. She was terribly disappointed in the way the groups' land owners failed to stick together and get the square deal she battled for, but rather jumped at the easy money as soon as a high rate was negotiated on their behalf. I didn't get a penny holding out for what was rightfully mine against a lying bunch of con artists. (e.g. Carrizo reps told me that they would come around later with a deal on the road frontage, but they didn't, and that Green Oaks Blvd. was going to The City Of Arlington, but the guy dealing with gas leases at City Hall said that wasn't true). Outright lies!

As a result, I'm not counting on anyone sticking together around these parts. Still, I won't sign until there's some decent money offered. I suspect gas will regain some of its price after the glut is gone and we're all using more natural gas. Maybe they'll come back to our little neighborhood then.

John Whelan

Unfortunately, two year options are just that, options. The company that owns the rights has the option to extend, but are not subject to do so unless it was specifically called for in the original contract, which is rare.

I am a native to DFW and a mineral rights owner in the area and have had three leases with Carrizo, et al in the past decade. I decided to take matters into my hands as it relates to getting my interests back on the market to receive better than market value in a period of declining gas prices. Would love to hear from others should they be interested in hearing more.

Paul Ulrich

I live near Eden and Matlock and was offered 6500 bonus and 25% by a landman. This is for a new lease as the piror one had expired. I turned it down and I'm going to organize my neighborhood and negotiate a group lease instead.


Now I feel really bad about Chesapeake and Carizzo. We signed our lease with Carizzo in May of 2008. Then Carizzo sold our leases to Chesapeake. They have our leases tied into the Chelsea Unit at the corner of Division and Davis, which they have drilled. No one contacted us at all. I had to run someone down to ask questions of and once I asked where the 2-year option money is they quit talking to me. I've heard from other people that Chesapeake rolled their 2-year option pay into their royalties and that it wasn't much at all. Why do I feel like I'm being cheated?


Can someone please tell me if there is any information for renewing a lease in the Sublett/Park Springs area?

Louise Zimmerman

I am an absentee homeowner from SW Arlington and am wondering if anyone has heard if they are renewing leases (Paloma) for the areas from I-20 North to Arkansas. Did they drill a well at the Church of Christ on Pleasant Ridge near Miller Elementary? I have heard nothing on my lease and still get my mail at my house there in SW Arlington.

Lynda Kitchens

Can someone please tell me if there is any information for renewing a lease in the Kelly Elliot/ 287 area?


I see signs all over the neighborhood saying "Dont sign. SWAPO 2011 on Facebook" but I can't find anything for this group on facebook. Has anyone else found it?

Aimee Martin

Cont from my post on April 20...I have done as much research as I can think of to do, can find nothing but this blog I guess its called that mentions anything when in 08 it was everywhere. Anyway I have talked to Chesapeake and Crizzo oil as well as Paloma that signed our last lease and looked for all members of OUR NEIGHBORHOOD COALITION CALLED SWAPO from before and found that Chesapeake let our leases run out so they did not have to pay the renewal bonuses on the 2 year option and could offer much lower for a new lease because gas prices are so much less, they wont pay what they did. I found out this week that you can wait it out if you want since there is not even a pad site done yet for our area but you may get nothing. They are not going to pay even close to what they did before and my Landman from Kastner was emailed to call me 5 min after I got off phone asking Chesapeake exactly who handles my lease for them for my area since they are not having issues with competitors in diff areas due to not as much money so I can see that it is Kastner and not likely for me to get anyone else approaching me and not likely to have ability to nego more money since I dont have 2000 home owners behind me this time and gas so low as well as Chesapeake said if I had 2000 owners refusing to sign this time, I may get a slight more but more than likely with gas prices now, they would skip our neighborhood, anyway, Im taking my 800.00 for my lot and not worried about noise etc since my neighborhood was swapo deal and most are going to refuse to sign for this low amount and Chesapeake prob never will strike deal everyone will agree with after what they paid us in 08 so prob no drilling will get done here then anyway.... If you dont need 5-800.00 in pocket now and possible mineral royalty checks later, just wait and hold out and see but with our neighborhoods situation in 08, I think will be long wait.... and if so Paloma said this week, Probably Chesapeake just skip this pad of land since they cant afford. feel free to wait or call everyone I did, they all have same exact story so hard not to believe since they are all competitors and diff companies and people!

Diane Bilke

We're in so. Arl as well, south of Sublett off Park Springs, and were also offered $2500 per acre. We bought in mid '08, so lost out on the last big money lease bonus. The Kastner landman was unable to say where Chesapeake stands on timing of or location for a pad site. Based on our lot size, a measly $500 bonus is not worth the traffic, construction, noise that a drill site in the neighborhood would bring.

Aimee Martin

I am in South Arlington and was offered 2500.00 an acre plus 25% rights, does the area at Creek Run and Park Springs have a neighborhood plan for this yet???
Last time we all got together and waited it out and I rec 6,000.00 also was option to renew so what do we do now?


To Pat: With whom did you lease? Are they refusing to re-up at the agreed amount for the 2-year option? I am curious because we have a lease expiring in June with no drilling activity but with an option for 2 more years at the original rate. Just wondering if Chesapeake is the one offering you $300 now.


What price are you being offered to sign again? We are in Central Arlington and are being offered $300/acre to sign another lease. Our original lease was signed 3/17/08 with a 2 year option-- a 3-year lease at $22,000 with the 2 year option.

carol rodriguez

i was part of 2008 i automatically receive renewal check in the mail or do i need to notify somebody??


Yes they are handing out checks with a 2yrs ext, what happens if they don't drill in 2yrs?

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