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July 14, 2011


Crystal Clear Headlights

Everyone should support this. Our world is suffering dire consequences because of contribution of pollution.

HID Conversion Kits

That's a good idea and hopefully it will have development. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this one.

CGS cat back exhaust

Yes this is very good indeed. Let's try to see it progress in time. And hopefully it will stay that way for long.

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Healthy air, healthy emission from car exhausts is equal to healthy living. That's the formula for man-car relationship.


At first glance, this is good news.
Personally, I'd like to see this city make progress with public transportation. Fort Worth's pathetic attempt at public transportation is laughable.

Dennis Little Jr

and what about the water table pollution from fracking liguids that get pumped into the ground?

Kim Feil

7/14/2011 TCEQ SIP public hearing 10 am first two speakers….Ed Ireland presented this morning that the Phase 2 emissions equipment inventory shows that TCEQ has overstated the projected VOC emissions 5 times more than what the seven leaders of drilling in the Barnett Shale say they emit, that DFW traffic emissions are 6 times more than the almost 11,000 Barnett Shale wells emit in the 9 county area. I (Kim Feil being the second speaker) questioned him that this equipment inventory does not account for what the Permit By Rule application also does not require them to report which is emissions from start up (site set up, truck traffic, drilling, fracking and flow back), maintenance (blowdowns for compressor stations), and shut down emissions. Once the wells are in production, then it’s up to the infrared cameras to detect the invisible hydrocarbons. And so counting inventory equipment emissions is understating (currently unregulated or grandfathered in), real emissions to mothers and breathers.

In attacking ozone should TCEQ go after VOC’s or NOX? North Central Texas Council of Governments Air Quality Steering Committee brought in Dr David Allen from Univ of TX who explained that the (MIR) Maximum Incremental Reactivity scale for ozone from methane is low at .014 compared to xylene at 9.75. In 2007 Toxic risk dot com reported that the GM plant, which is just a mile from here, spewed 85 tons of xylene. TCEQ would do well to limit the xylene at the GM plant, the gas wells at the GM plant, and the numerous gas factories in this nonattainment area.

A new study released Monday from the Global Community Monitor, found 22 toxic chemicals, including four known carcinogens, in air sampled in Colorado and New Mexico near natural-gas production facilities. Acr(krillo)ylonitrile, (used in fracking formulas) was detected in five samples at 3 to 15 times above the EPA long term limit. One family from Garfield County in Colorado that lived about a half-mile from six natural gas rigs had to flee their home after developing rashes and nose bleeds.
Acr(krillo)ylonitrile flow back is highly flammable and toxic. It undergoes explosive polymerization. Haliburton has patents for this chemical to coat the fracking sand. The MSDS says to avoid heat but fracking at these depths cannot escape the intense heat. If you burn this at the evaporization test pilot site at the Arc Park Ft Worth Compressor Station, the burning of this material releases fumes of hydrogen cyanide and oxides of nitrogen (NOX) . The EPA says Acrylonitrile can contribute to the formation of photochemical smog when it reacts with other volatile substances in the air.

Peak summer emissions from Barnett Shale oil and condensate tanks VOC’s increase 375%, methane and carbon dioxide increase at least 250%, and the HAP’s increase almost 1,800%. In the preliminary Ft Worth air study, xylene isomers had the highest HAP’s. Not only is Xylene a HAP, it is an extremely reactive VOC.
So whether you look for your biggest bang in reducing ozone by reducing NOX like acr(krillo)ylonitrile verses VOC’s with high MIR’s like xylene, you cannot control mother nature’s peak summer temperatures, but you can control the exponential emissions by mandating vapor recovery systems.

If I’m not able to speak tonight, I am sending written public comment asking for TCEQ to include in their air testing… formaldehye, carbon disulfide, glycol (glycol ethers) and acrylonitrile. I will also remind them of the public risk in faulty Effect Screening Levels due to a recent finding of mice being fed an “ EPA safe” dose of bisphenol and the result being a generation of male, obese, feminine, unhealthy-endocrine disrupted mice. Drilling for natural gas near humans makes us like mice in a lab. I have coined the MICE acronym phrase to stand for “Multiple Inputs Cumulative Effects” for which there is no state or federal regulation.

Louis McBee

"It looks like no health alarms are identified at first blush," Jordan said. "But it is a very comprehensive report and I'm still going through it with a fine-tooth comb."


Kim Feil

Electric compressors go down during power outages. Take April 11 2011's storm for example...Chk in SE Arlington and XTO's DWG drill sites suffered back pressure build up from the compressor stations going down and for these two sites the primary auto shut off's failed and the secondary safety measure of "venting gas to the neighborhoods" occured. If exposing BTEX toxins in residential areas (which sickened a lady and her 150 lb dog) is to be the norm (ie last Sunday at Bowen and I20's Vantage drill site), we need to keep respirators handy and not open the windows during such emergency events.

Notch Johnson

Looks like it's time to fund another study to discredit this one.

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