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August 10, 2011



After getting our check today,we think something needs to be done. i just don't know how to go about it.our checks have gone from $10,000 to $694.15 for 7 wells. they show paying $.16/$.19 per mcf..something is really wrong.If anyone has any ideas let me know.

roger sommerfield

Chesapeake was involved in payback of 377 mil to royalty owners in Carolina, and also Kentucky about 230 mil I'm told.any body how to check them out?

Glenda Ramsey

Did we royalty owners get to vote on the business deal that Chesapeake struck with the French oil company, Total? This apparently increased some of their charges from Total; hence, their rationale for dumping this new charge onto royalty owners. We realize a significant reduction in our royalty checks as a result of their decision to enter this deal with Total. Since this action basically changes our leases, shouldn't we at least have been given the courtesy of a vote on this major decision? Chesapeake gained from this deal; royalty owners were "used."

Glenda Ramsey

Why should royalty owners be held liable for costs incurred by Chesapeake when they decided to hook up with the French oil company, Total? Since this basically changes our leases, why did Chesapeake not at least give us the courtesy of a "vote" in this matter? How do royalty owners benefit from this deal? All we get out of it is a significant reduction in our royalty checks. What does Chesapeake gain from this deal? My guess is a substantial gain in their profits.

Joe Neugebauer, SR

I was one of those who received their letter. The BIG problem I have here is, I have a letter in my personal files from Chesapeake date April 2011 stating that these EXACT costs are included as deducts in the gross price reported on royalty checks.
SO, they are going to deduct it AGAIN?


I hate to say it but just another way to rip off the royalty owners by charging fees that should just be part of the gas companies business. Maybe the land owners should charge the gas companies a fee for traveling across their property every day to collect salt water. Make it a tollroad. Kind of like the airlines charging a luggage fee when luggage is just part of traveling.

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