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February 14, 2012


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Florian Schach Engage America

One question that certainly continues to poke at me on this matter is that of a lack of permanent jobs. Throughout the petitioning against the Keystone pipeline there has been a continual complaint of how this project doesn’t create enough permanent jobs, yet there has been little discussion about a plan that would support either more or more permanent jobs in place of not going through with the Keystone pipeline. To me this doesn’t solve the problem that we are having, it only drags it further on ( Why we are so quick to destroy this job and yet have no replacement or strategy for the recovery. If we’re going to kill projects we need to have a plan to get back on track too. For a number of people these 20,000 potential jobs mean something even if they are only temporary and could also serve as bridge to more permanent work down the road.

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