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July 10, 2012



Will the esteemed Mr. Ruggiero ever take responsibility for his contribution to pollution caused by his desire to "live in the country?

garage equipment

According to the Natural Gas Supply Association, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Combustion of natural gas primarily produces carbon dioxide and water vapor. Other emissions include small amounts of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and reactive hydrocarbons.

Phil H

I thought that actually one of the major sources of greenhouse gases is the livestock and their manure (methane I suppose) not to mention their breathing (co2). I'd be interested to see the sources by percent and their contribution.

Tim Ruggiero

Did the esteemed professor include all the diesel emissions, flaring and semi truck CO2 emissions in his conclusion? Of course he didn't, Industry didnt fund that part of his 'research'.

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