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August 10, 2012



So, you can add a comment within someone else's comment? Not sure that's a good idea, guys. Edit: Absolutely sure that it's a terrible idea since that means you can "change" the comment.


Barnett county?

(Editor's note: There was a stray "county" in the second sentence; it's been removed. Thanks for reading.)

Kim Feil

When the price of natural gas goes above $5 or $6, we need to be prepared for the build out to be completed here in Arlington which is just a little more than halfway complete. Today I meet with Senator Davis' staff to see if she will request an Attorney General's opinion on my behalf to have a ruling on if the City of Arlington would find it appropriate to enforce their gas drilling ordinance in mandating emission controls (scrubbers) on the OPEN HATCH flowback tanks since this is URBAN drilling. This ruling may help pressure them in acting in the interest of being protective to public health. The dry gas in Colleville's flowback emission test results had BENZENE readings of around 54ppb and as high as 85ppb and exceeds the two week ATSDR MRL threshold by six to nine times! Our Barnett Shale gas may be dry, but not Benzene free! Our highly publicized TCEQ & Ft Worth Air Study only focused on post production, not pre production emissions.

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