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August 09, 2012


ML Simons

Oil is the biggest racket in the Nation!


Be glad you are not on the west coast, refinery fire in California has already raised the price in the Puget Sound area to $3.74 per


I agree ... what a crook,
Oil produced in the USA, refined here, and sold here should be sold for Cost-Plus ... not based on some world speculators market.


This is such a crock!
The Oil that we are now using was purchased 6 months ago at a much cheaper rate, but the Oil Companies with help from the Federal Government are able to rape the consumers at will or anytime someone in the Middle East Farts ...... gas prices go up.
Ever notice how they price trickles down 1 or 2 cents but then jumps back up by 10 - 15 cents ....... yeah, thats quite a system that they have going there ...... wish that we could all raise our salaries the same way ...... pfffft.


This drives me crazy. Wholesalers and distributors are raising their prices today for oil that won't be refined for months. The cost of gas today should correlate to the cost of the oil that went into production.

Just like cattle prices - feed is going up now, so beef we purchase in a few months will go up. Direct correlation.

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