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September 27, 2012



You are welcome, Kathy. Thank you for correcting it.

Kathy Vetter

Thanks for the catch, @WCGasette.

Fish Creek Neighbor

Arlington covers 99 square miles. One emissions monitor will hardly provide a true assessment of what is happening with our air. The City's ordinance should mandate air monitors at every gas drill site across the city. Since we now have somewhere between 55-60 drill sites, we fall woefully short on public protections.

Kim Feil

This monitor was suppose to go on the gaswell site at UTA...why there? No gas wells near there. And why isn't methane being screened? On 8/31 the ethane spiked to to 107ppb....whats up with that? DId it have anything to do witht he emission event in Kennedale at a gas well on 8/19? Ethane is heavier than methane and may be hanging is odorless an colorless, but flamable between 3-12.5% when mised with air.


It's "Commission," not Council. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Wondering how this will affect the property values of those living in nearby neighborhoods. Can't see it helping...unless they offer free rides.

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