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November 14, 2012


Dexter J.

Texas people must be thankful for breaking a record. It's a big help for every family when financial status is concern.

Ken Starcher

really great article, shows how to save natural gas using wind and make the natural gas last longer. Wonder if we have any way to see how much NAtural Gas subsidies there were from 2006 - 2015?? oh wait there is , EIA.GOV has that numbers .. hmmm shows 2,82 billion in subsidies shared with oil in 2010, figure they only got like 20% of that, so over 10 years thats let s see... 5 billion in 15 years?

Richard Howe

Wind obtains $4 billion in wind subsidies for the 10-year period from 2006 to 2015......

The issue of subsidies for renewable energy is a concern to me as well as to most people, so I have begun to research this topic in more detail. Although the message we frequently hear is that renewable energy sources are receiving too much in subsidies, what I have found in various studies is that when taken in the context of a longer period of history, all energy sources have benefited from significant and long-term subsidies.

One of these studies is a September 2011 report, titled "What Would Jefferson Do? The Historical Role of Federal Subsidies in Shaping America’s Energy Future", by DBL Investors.The research reported in this paper states that through the end of 2009, the energy sector receiving the largest subsidies over time has been the oil and gas industry, with a cumulative amount of $447B over the period of 1918-2009. This averages approximately $4.9B per year for 90 YEARS! It is no surprise that the technological revolution allowing for the cost-effective extraction of natural gas from shale occurred thanks to more than three decades of government subsidies for research, demonstration, and production. (See “New Investigation Finds Decades of Government Funding Behind Shale Revolution”, December 20, 2011,

So, if we think we must phase out subsidies on renewable energy sources any time soon, shouldn't we first make sure that subsides for other more mature energy sources are phased out first?

William Loeb

I always knew WIND POWER was a great was a great solution.... But I have 2 questions.... Who is subsidizing who...???
What does all this mean to me.. and my electri bill..
Bill Loeb


Your numbers, and the TPPF's, aren't accurate. Not all projects qualify for the PTC, and the PTC is temporary.

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