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January 11, 2013


Kim Feil

For urban drilling, they need to use ATMOS gas because it is cleaner than field gas, is odorized, and accessible in neighborhoods. Thanks for anybody who can get Chesapeake to comment on how fast they will get on board as they are unresponsive in my attempts to contact them.

Kim Feil

So how fast can Chesapeake react to save money and my neighborhood’s airshed by the Cowoby Stadium?...they are currently drilling and I hope they frack using the new technolgy...our Gas Drilling Ordinance asks that they employ Best Available Accepted Industry Standard Technolgy, but I’ve found that there is no one from the city who wants to enforce this. I learned about how weak our ordinance really was when I asking Chesapeake to use ventless, pressurized flowback tanks...the city was just fine with them using the traditional OPEN HATCH ones that indirectly vent the well head to the atmosphere which is “supposed” to be against our ordinance to vent like that. It is a sad day when the drillers will only “drill right” when it saves them money. In this case diesel is more expensive, than dirty, field gas.....but dirty field gas is better than diesel with all its particulates.

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