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September 16, 2013


Rudy Haugeneder

Nothing humans do anymore is natural and there are deep and steep prices prices paid, and to be paid. And a report paid for by the petroleum industry in oil-friendly Texas is somewhat like believing Assad's assertions that he doesn't store chemical weapons.
Nevertheless, Nature is already slowly fighting back.
Sciences shows and the news media increasingly reports that more and more deadly diseases (superbugs) that were once thought to be eradicated by vaccines are now immune and on the verge of an explosive comeback in a world with seven-plus billion people -- many of us worldwide having lost all or part of the immunity we had against the former weaker versions of these lethal diseases. The almost total annihilation of Native Indians in the Americas is an example of how deadly these multiple pandemics can be.

Kim Feil

The rebuttal to this is here...basicly it was paid for and is bias....oops.....

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