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May 16, 2014


Kim Feil

FishCreekMonitor wrote
"Currently, McDonald Law Firm in Fort Worth is representing plaintiffs in contingency cases involving underpayment of royalties. This is NOT a class-action lawsuit. Individual mineral owners will be POOLED into units. We like to think of it as a gas drilling signing party in reverse.

So, why not join the party while there's still time by contacting Jill Moore of McDonald Law Firm. Her phone number is (817) 717-5081."

James G. Clark

I want in on a class action suit, anyone else? Jimi Clark 817-275-3667 call me if some one already has this in the works I want in too. Thanks

James G. Clark

They are ripping me off too, I have several leases with them, and I get chicken feed, what a bunch of crooks! Jimi Clark

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