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Jerry's vision becomes reality as North Texas hosts its first Super Bowl

Roger Staubach remembers how he got involved with Super Bowl XLV a few years ago. "Jerry (Jones) called one day and talked with my wife," Staubach said. "I knew Jerry but it's not like we hung out together. Brad Johnson was having a bad year so I thought maybe he was thinking of me making a comeback. I'm a year or two older than Brett Favre (Staubach is 67)." That's when he told me about making a Super Bowl bid and me being the chairman (of the host committee)."

Jones said he actually began thinking about the Super Bowl in North Texas in the early 1990s. He knew it wouldn't happen at Texas Stadium and that he needed to have a venue that essentially would blow the socks off the NFL.

"I was enamored with Texas stadium but thought we could do more," Jones said, "Cowboy fans have been long overdue for the recognition of what they did to build the NFL. They are a cornerstone of the NFL."

So the stadium that Tony Dorsett called the "Taj Mahal of stadiums," became more than a gleam in Jones' eye. "I knew two years before it was built what it would be," he said. "I just didn't know where it would be."

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