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Super Bowl Media Center opens quietly, but will be humming in a few days

The Super Bowl Media Center, which will be home to 4,000 or so journalists for the next week, opened at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Sheraton Dallas.

Folks were starting to straggle in, but Radio Row was pretty empty and the huge NFL Network set that dominates the floor was still being set up.  Sun-media-center

The Media Center is the nerve center of the Super Bowl. Celebrities and players move in and out as they appear on the various radio and television networks, and the NFL schedules most press conferences (except for those held by the Packers and Steelers, which happen at their hotels) in the building.

The print media is in a different room than the broadcast media because it gets very loud and crazy in the broadcast area when everyone is on the air and celebs are moving around with their posse in tow.

Those of us on the print side need quiet when we work, dang it!

Oh, and we need some sweaters, too. It might be in the 60s outside, but it feels like it's 40 degrees in here. And the WiFi isn't working right yet, either.

-- Kathy Vetter, editor


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