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March 20, 2008



I agree. The show has transmuted from gripping storytelling to self-aware manipulation. You can almost smell the writers coming up with sinister ways to create suspense and watercooler cliffhangers.

And too much bizarre stuff has happened, so it's practically impossible to stay focused on what's interesting. I'll be watching and all of a sudden think, "Wait a minute, did they ever explain how John's father came to be on the island?" Or "Hold up, did they explain why the others were keeping people in zoo cages?" Or "Hold on here, if Danielle was living like an Amazon woman for 16 years, shouldn't she have a more interesting reaction to discovering that a civilization was happening right under her nose the whole time?" Or "Hey, you know, everyone used to be terrified of the jungle because of all the deadly creatures, and now people just run through it like it's their back yard ... where are all the monsters?" And so forth.

Of course, I will continue to watch.

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