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August 27, 2008



The addition of a small amount of vegetable oil will not alter, significantly, the flavor of chocolate. However it ceases to be chocolate when the oil is added. Last year chocolate manufacturers. led by Hershey, sought to have the standard of definition for chocolate changed by the FDA. The purpose was cost savings but the movement was defeated.

As it stands now, a product can only be called chocolate if it has cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, the unsweetened component of chocolate, as its base ingredients. The addition of vegetable oil, while cheaper than cocoa butter, alters that standard and adulterates the product. The interesting question now is, with the addition of vegetable oil will Hershey change the label to say chocolate flavored, as they should, or will they keep chocolate on the label. Since they have ceased to produce their products in the US and have moved production to Mexico, I say hold their feet to the fire and make them change the label

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