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September 09, 2008



Barack Hussein Obama is an egotistical, self centered LIAR, fake, poser and all around uncouth lout that wouldn’t understand politics if it jumped up and slapped him upside his very dense head. Obama made a deliberate reference directed at Sarah Palin. I don’t care HOW he tries to spin it now.

To the JUNIOR Senator from Illinois I say this, no one has lied, the outrage is not phony, it is very real, and even your base of Democratic women are seeing it for what it was, and they are beginning to see YOU for what you are, an empty suit, someone that is NOT the wonderful speaker they thought you were when you read from a teleprompter.

You are NOT being ‘Swift Boated’ Senator, you are having your own words used against you. Your own words, your own incompetence, your own choices in life, the friends you clung to until they became a threat to your run at the Oval Office.

Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the man for the job, Obama makes verbal gaffes that make George W. Bush look like a genius. I do not say that lightly. I am not convinced that McCain will be a great President, but I am convinced that he won’t be a disaster. I am also firmly convinced that Obama WILL be a total, unmitigated disaster.

Barack Hussein Obama, the radical Islamic terrorists best friend! Yeah, no lies here, just Obama’s own words, that *slip of the tongue* last Sunday, the one where Obama outed himself as the Muslim we all suspect him of being! We don’t have to tell lies Senator, all we have to do is listen to YOU lie, and then point those lies out!

And you better leave Miss Piggy out of this!

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