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October 18, 2007


Diana Pittman

Cockfighting and Dog fighting are equally prevalent and associated with horrific crimes in our communities, and only when a high-profile actor is uncovered do we see community outrage.


The public has to be aware of the signs of Animal Cruelty and fighting. Us Animal Protection Officers cannot be everywhere at once. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
If you see a large number of dogs chained up (especially pit bulls)..especially if they are scarred up or act aggressive...if you see treadmills outside.. there are a lot of factors. Just one phone call might be the difference between these dogs living horrible lives or great ones.
Call anonymously if you are scared. We will go investigate!


I hate these stories, and the people that fight dogs. I could, I could......well I would go to jail for what I could do.
My daughter has a pit male that is the sweetest dog I have ever seen. He just loves my 76 year old mom in law. And the kids? He lets them pull themselves up by his ears and doesn't whimper.
The breed gets a bad rap. People that want them for guards or whatever misstreat them.
My personal choice is, a chihuahua. He is the meanest thing I ever owned. Good thing they don't come in larger sizes. I would have to put him down!

My 2 cents

bonnie boorman

These people who abuse animals need to be mistreated and killed just like the poor animals. A violent death would be nice!

Delaina Alani

I mean absolutely no disrespect to any law enforcement person or agency but, if dog fighting has been "virtually undetected" as reporter Jack Davis states, then that is only because they didn't want to do anything about it. It's been around for a long time, it's common knowledge in low income neighborhoods, and there is nothing new to it or about it.


Colt, anyone that would allow their child to lift themselves up by the ears of a pit bulldog is a fool. That dog will be the sweetest thing you ever saw right up until the moment it rips your childs's arm off. I have already seen you and your like on the evening news, screaming and sobbing before the cameras outside the emergency room where your bloody, torn child has just spent it's last moments on earth. "I can't believe that sweet, sweet dog would hurt my baby." you'll say. "How could this happen?" you will cry. There won't be anyone to blame but yourself. For your childrens' sake, put that dog down while you still have the chance.

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