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November 30, 2007



It looks like he will get plenty of time to "fight" when he spends a good majority of his life incarcerated in the Texas Prison system. Nothing excuses taking another's life!!

Thomas Sullivan

He brags about the "thug life", so let's see how tough he is with a needle in his arm in Huntsville. Why waste another second trying to rehabilitate these losers, go ahead and put them down like the rabid vermin they aspire to be.


What a coward. As are his gang friends. Real tough when in a crowd, but in reality they are just immature cowards. And with three kids, at least, at his age? Now that's a real man. Ha, that's a boy who lacks self control and maturity. Just another example of todays young punks who think power and respect comes through violence and having sex. i have three words for him; what a jerk.


If you are fighting to "prove" yourself. With any luck our court systems will give you plenty of "TIME" to do just that. Maybe instead of fighting to prove yourself, you might try improving your education!!!

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