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November 29, 2007



Well apparently a girl was assaulted, he was arrested, and a large quantity of marijuana was found in the house. It's in the article, follow the link.


What a joke. 7 pounds is worth about 4000 dollars. Even if it was all "hydro" (you don't need to capitalize it, wordsmith, it isn't an acronym), it wouldn't be worth that much.

Stop the stenography. Do some research.


A 911 hangup is what got a household of Katrina evacuees busted for running a meth lab. Your vices can quickly become your demise. Hiding in a closet...geesh.


This guy was hitting his 17 years old girl friend, who also has a one years old baby with him, over a text message she found on his phone. She threatned to call the cops to get him to leave her alone, he however knocked the phone out of her hands and it called 911. The cops came and not only did they find drugs there was a loaded gun laying on the bed.


All drug charges were dropped because this was an illegal search and seizure.

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