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January 31, 2008


Melody Brooke

This is of course a horrible sad tale. We all tend to want to focus on how bad Travis is a human being to have done such a monstrous act. But Travis was just a kid, 21 years old, and he was obviously mentally ill. His life started out as an abandoned child, and then as a teen he had repeated incidents of acting out; all cries for help. Not only one life was lost in this tragedy; but two. Oh, wow, this changes everything when you think of it this way. Being responsible citizens we have to look at the circumstances that led up to this horror. For a deeper understanding go to

Annie P.

Just a kid? He was 21. At what point shoud human beings begin taking control and responsibility of their actions? It's not obvious to me that he was mentally ill, though he may have been. I'm sure we will find out at the murder trial. Should we look at the circumstances that led up to this horror? I don't think it matters at this point. A great many people have had horrors in their past (Holocaust survivors for example) and fortunately not very many end up stomping a baby's head in or anyone elses. I will go with mental illness if there is a history of it, if not, it's just a murderer trying to get out of taking responsibility for his actions. Yes, two lives were destroyed, but I certainly will only cry for one. The young man made a choice to destroy his own life. The baby did not get a choice.


I agree Annie P. He's not a child anymore, he's 21. I'm sick of people trying to blame their "past" on what they do in the "future" The talk shows are full of people saying, my parents did this or my parents did that. Just once I would like to see someone go on one of those shows and say...I had great parents. I just turned out to be a piece of (expletive) anyway!! I don't think he's mentally ill, although he does have problems. I think he took his frustration out on the baby when he didn't get what he wanted from the 8 year old. That doesn't make him mentally ill. In both cases there were choices to make and he made them. Now let him take the responsibility for them.

Richard M

I agree with Annie and Donna, not with Melody, who only posted here to promote the book offered on the website she included. Her action of using this tragedy to try and sell a book, in my mind, makes her almost as bad as Caren fo turning Alijah over to Travis after he said he was afraid he would hurt one of the kids.. I have talked to Caren while she was pregnant with this baby. Although I did not know her well, it has caused me to follow this story with great interest.

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