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January 31, 2008


Herb Parsons

The North Texas Patriot Guard Riders are organizing a mission to present General Mayes with a new flag, this Saturday, Feb 2.

The Patriot Guard Riders wish to send a message to whoever is stealing the American flag that the American flag is honored and respected. If an American flag falls, another one will take its place.

Staging will be at 1:00pm Full Bore Cycles, 700 W Bedford Euless Rd in Hurst.
Safety meeting at 1:30.
Kickstands up at 1:45.
Presentation at 2:00

The Mayor of Bedford will be presenting the flag. Also, ABC Flag company is working with an anonymous donor to provide General Mayes with a 25ft flagpole and appropriate lighting, as well as hand-held flags for all who attend.

The planned route can be seen at

Cars, motorcycles, and all patriots are all welcome.

Jason Shaw

Patriot Riders should hide the bikes and hide in the bushes until these punks show up again to harass the general...I guarantee you the flag will never be touched again!


I agree, Jason. Whoever these punks are, they're doing it just to be punks and they know he wouldn't be able to fight back. Mayes said in a statement to another news agency that 'if' he had a gun, he'd blast the perp in the gluteous with buck shot.

Bryan Yauger

As cheap as security cameras are now days, I think the local police need to set up some cameras at this guys house and keep on raising our FLAG until someone is caught. Even Walmart carries one for about $180 that is on a DVR. When things like this happen, I think the police need to have their own equipment to put up and use bait to real in these idiots....


I'm sure it's just kids messing around. Nothing to get all hyped up about. Jeez. Honestly, is this what is passing for news these days? Why doesn't he wait until a new president is in office - until then, there's not much to be proud of in this country with the stupid evangelical neo-con's running it into the ground.

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