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February 04, 2008


SW Arlington Resident

I live in southwest Arlington, right down the street from the spot where this young man got killed. I watched in horror as I saw the unsettling event take place. I didn't actually see the stabbing; however there was suspicious activity in front of my house.
Is this the results of the government/school counselors stepping in to control how we as parents can discipline our children? They aren't doing a great job of controlling them or teaching moral values and when we try to then it's abuse! I also question the intelligents (or lack there of) level in these young people. What are they fighting over? It can't be worth someones life!
If these children had God fearing parents who had the "Come to Jesus" discipline tactics that my mom used on me or if corpral punishment was still acceptable in our schools then things like this wouldn't happen!
I'm appauled that someone was murdered in my neighborhood. This area of Arlington was one of the highest demographics of Arlington for income and education levels. Now it's tainted with section 8 and their offspring...GOD HELP US!


Are we the old New Orleans highest murder rate in the country, and jerry jones wants to have super bowl here,with 300 police in arlington the city needs to wake and realize they are severely short and underpowered for this city already .


This is over by my house and i must say the students were disrespecting our public property. Parents need to get control of their children before this town goes down. The neighbor hood around me is not poor nor is it full of lower class residents. I dont want to have to worry about my life everytime i take a jog. I am a parent of a senior at martin and i also dont want to worry about her safety at school. This is not a town we should be afraid to live in so i think we should take back over our neighborhood and get rid of this violence before it is out of control.

Arlington Resident

I have lived in this Southwest Arlington neighborhood for over 20 years. It scares me, and brings me a great deal of anxiety to know that this quiet and family-oriented area has seen this violence. And, as sad as it is, we ALL need to be aware of our neighbors, as well as strangers in the area, and REPORT immediately anything suspicious. Better safe than sorry. All of our precious children as well as ourselves have grown up here, and whatever we can do to keep the peace, and get rid of the problem, I am willing!


We just moved to SW Arlington from Kennedale. While our street has not seen any violent attacks, there has been a sharp increase in the number of incidences of property damage. Parents let their teenage and pre-teen kids roam the streets with their buddies in the evenings and on weekends. When kids have nothing better to do, they usually find something illegal to do.

In the 7 months since we moved, we have been the victim of 2 car burglaries, 1 vandalism, and 1 case of criminal mischief.

Parents...know where your children are and what they are doing. Instill in them discipline and a respect for OTHER PEOPLES' property.

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