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February 18, 2008



Zodiac - The reason why Zodiac is one of my favorites is that its based on true events. Watching these movies make me more alert!


The Killing, directed by Stanley Kubrick from a story by Jim Thompson (whose ruthless pulp novels provide the source for so many great crime films), was produced in 1956 but remains as trenchant as ever. For a European take, see Rififi (1955), with its remarkable heist scene, and Topkapi (1964), a stylish comedy, featuring the incomparable Peter Ustinov. Crime and police procedure are naturals for film treatment, and these movies pretty much say it all.


I was remiss in not mentioning Woody Allen's Take the Money and Run, a hilarious crime mockumentary. So many of the Woodman's recent films are crimes in and of themselves...


Silence of the Lambs - with Jody Foster

It had it all.


You (Mc Clatchey) have ruined Amon Carter's Star-Telegram. It is unrecognizable in print or electronic form. This is the type of journalism that feeds on the basest interests of weak-minded people.

It isn't surprising that your business operation came out of California where people are impressed with things that are appealing to the eye and to the least redeeming thoughts that man can carry.

Your crime blog and its related components glorifies murder, death and every bit of distastefully immoral news that you can scrape from the bottom of the barrel that you apparently keep there in your office to be plastered on your front page each day.

Because your people's attention is focused on the eye candy of Hollywood, you assume that is how we the reader will respond. Your perception of what is important in this world is so skewed to your tripe-for-news mentality you'll probably never see or produce anything relevant to the good of mankind.

The people of your publication area are appalled at your butchering of our hometown newspaper and wish that you would go back to where you came from, leaving us to pick up the pieces and try to return to what we had prior McClatchey.

I suppose that you probably assume that I am a wild-eyed right winger. I should tell you that I am a Democrat that clearly sees what media types like you are doing to the perceptions of children and the vulnerable.

You have no shame,

NOT forgetful


I'm a trifle slow this Monday morning. Occurs to me Woody Allen has made as many films about crime as anything else. Take the Money (1969) renders anything titled Prison Break difficult to take seriously. Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989), is a wonderfully layered meditation on guilt, and perhaps his magnum opus. 30


L.A. Confidential anybody?
I hope you have this discussion the week of the Emmy Awards, at which time I'll proudly nominate Columbo as the best crime show in the history of television, and Lt. Columbo as the best character ever ... Hands down.
I believe the great Peter Falk has five Emmy sand two Academy Award nominations.


Rear Window (Hitchcock)--it has everything: mystery, suspense, murder, a very hot Grace Kelly and very good acting all around.


Heat. Great crime drama, / thread


Natural Born Killers, need i say more!


Rear Window. I second that. Just about the entire story takes place on one set.


Hard to say...comedy/crime? noir? mystery/crime?

"The Maltese Falcon" or "The Godfather" have to be in the top 5 all time, either could be #1. Of new stuff, "No Country for Old Men" is the best of the current lot to me.


I make a distinction between "murder mysteries" and "crime movies." _Rear Window_ is a murder mystery in which a murder is detected or discovered, and is then solved. We learn whodunit along with the protagonist (though some people guess faster than the protagonist--the fun part of being a mystery fan).

A crime film is one (in my estimation) in which we see the crime happen, it may or may not involve murder, we watch the protagonist (usually the detective or sleuth) figure out who is guilty of the crime. To illustrate this in the television venue, _Nero Wolfe_ is a murder mystery, _Columbo_ is a crime drama.

Under these terms, I will name _Fargo_ as a very striking crime movie. I don't "like" it really well, it is quite gruesome. But I consider murder gruesome, so it fits.


Death Wish has to be included.Charles Bronson made several, the first was the best.


I like quirky little crime dramas, because the screenplays can often be mesmerizing with the intelligent writing. Here are some of my favorites. BLOOD SIMPLE (one of the Coen brothers first films, made in Texas in 1984, and of course FARGO that was mentioned above. A SIMPLE PLAN (1998), starring Fort Worth's Bill Paxton. THE ICE HARVEST (2005), starring Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack. This past year I did enjoy NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke. If we want to venture a bit into TV, and to risk dating myself, I used to enjoy Broderick Crawford in HIGHWAY PATROL in the late 1950's.

Delaina Alani

I have two favorite crime movies. One is Scarface. It was illuminating to see a depiction of what is surely today, our most significant economy. I will never forget the scene where "Tony Montana" puts his face into the plate of cocaine which is sitting on his desk in a little bitty heap, and the powder is all over his face.
Also, I respected the fact that the movie showed exactly how goverments not only involve themselves in the trafficing, but facilitiate it.
Training Day: how many times have my students, neighbors, etc., tried to make me understand that there are many more "dirty" cops, especially DEA, Feds... than anybody wants to really know about...that all this dope (especially now MX-Columbia) does NOT get here, get delivered, sold, etc., without some significant assistance.


one ofthe better movies I've seen is copycat, it depicts the reality of serial killers while drawing you away to the unknown of "Who Did It?"


My favorite crime movie is The Usual Suspects. The twists and turns in this movie don't reveal themselves until the final scene which is how all good movies should be.


Scarface was my favorite until I saw The Departed! That movie rules and the All-star cast is awesome!!!


The Brave One -- Flight Plan -- Panic Room -- The Little Girl who Lives Down the Lane. Jody Foster is great and has always been great in these psychological thrillers.

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