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March 31, 2008



I don't even want to go where I would go about a child molester of a <2 year old......ggggrrrrrrr!
So I will stick to the STUPID CRIMINAL theme. What a dumb #$%^! Good thing too, he's caught.

Robin L. Friedel

It is so hard to imagine how an adult could feel any lust or desire for a child let alone commit such a vile and horrific act against one,Child molesters,pedophiles are the same as murders and serial killers.These people can not in my opinion be rehabilitated.they are dangerous and sick individuals that need to be kept behind bars which unfortunately we the tax payers have to support them,I am tired of people excusing their behaviour,they often get off with a slap on the wrist . Often some of these victims seek help such as a counselor and nothing is done.The abuser will tell the child I will kill your mother or father,everyone will think you are bad and threaten ,"Would it make you happy if I killed myself?"You never completely heal and never feel safe,


I just don't understand why anybody would do something like this to a child! Why? Why? Why? That's all that comes to my head when I hear about these kinds of things happening to innocent, defenseless children. I truly feel that the evil people who do this should be put to death because they have taken away a child's innocence and basically their life. This is not something they could ever truly 100% recover from. So if a person who takes another person's life can be sentenced to death or even LIFE in prison...why can't a child predator??? They took away a defenseless child's life of security so I say death or life in prison, not this few months or few years in prison. The child will be scarred for LIFE not a few months or a few years. Predators will never be cured from this sickness no matter what they say they won't and no one could ever convince me otherwise.

Name withheld

I Agree with you Theresa .I personally know of several people that were molested and they never forget.They have been unable to maintain a permanent relationship with the opposite sex because they are unable to completely heal from the horrific abuse.I was raped as a young woman and a child was conceived,I love my son but have never told him the awful truth.I never said one unkind word about his father and I will take that secret to my grave.His father died in 2000 of cancer and searched for me the last year he died.He tried to make it up to me and to tell me he was sorry .I had loved him and I cried when he died but I never forgot. My children are beautiful,kind and wonderful people.They mean the world to me.Nobody ,even my family knows what happened to me.They think I was just a young girl that made a foolish mistake.It gets easier but you NEVER forget.I at least was an adult,age 21.

Name Withheld

I recently talked with a young woman I knew and she was molested from age 9 to 15 by a relative.The sad thing is her own father told her when he found out that he couldn't do anything because the family needed the extra money or they would be in the street!Now how sick is that?! It was his twin.The guy she said also molested her mother untiil the poor woman could take the children and leave.Later when this girl became a woman the uncle found her and yelled at her for not keeping in touch and when she confronted him about what he did he said"Would it make you better if I killed myself?" she said she was not going to let him get into her head like he used to do.He first exposed himself to her and told her what that is what it looked like and what men would do to her,made her as small child watch porn movies marked as cartoons in his room until he got home from work and then he filmed her in the bathroom ,getting dressed and made her watch etc.I never realized how prevailant this is until I heard her horrific story,This has affected her whole life,she thought that behavior was normal until 15 when she began hanging out with friends and found out that that just did not happen to her friends and stood up to her uncle,told her grandmother and father and they chose the brother over her.My story is different as what happened to me I was raped as a young adult.I have only told my husband.My mother thought I was young and foolish and told me"you wasted yourself on that man ,now no decent man will ever want you"She of course did not know what happened and I was young and afraid to tell her . So I guess what she said stuck in my mine so that is why I picked the wrong men because I never thought I was good enough and settled for less than what I deserved.I thnk God that I have such good childen,they are kind,honest and good kids.All I can say is love your family,be there for them and listen to them when they tell you something,don't judge them,really listen

Robin L. Friedel

I am beginning to agree with the death penalty for rapists and molesters.What they have done is the same as murder.Even if the victim survives they never heal emotionally. they will never be the person they were before. I say maybe the whole United States ought to rethink this.You can not rehabilitate these perverts.We have to support these people.They are leaching off of society and a danger to all

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